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About ME..

My story

life is journey.. and we all should enjoy this journey because we only get life once ..

so why not we are enjoying everday which is arriving every morning on our door step..

So hey! this is AYUSH SHAH this side ..

i have born and brought up in the peaceful state of Dehradun, uttarakhand , India .

The town which is covered with the beautiful mountains and awful weather  which keep on

fluctuate every week and this is only the uniqueness of it..

So i am a type of a person who love to live my life my own way. As because of this i am able to


stay happy and carm most of the time ..This is the why i am able to remain motivated most of the time ..

What this blog all about??

With the help of this blog I what to share with you folllowing things:-

  1. This blog will tell you all the things you can do to stay happy and motivated..
  2. I will try to recommend you books which i love to read on daily basis.
  3. I will provide you summary of book which will help you self improve..
  4. And many more self improvement information.

What's for YOU in this BLOG??

  • I will tell you secrets what i do daily to keep myself motivated..
  • This blog will help you self developed so that you can achieve what you want in your life .
  • You will get book summary..
  • You will also get the honest reviews of books.
  • You will also get MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES to keep yoursalf daily motivated..  

Allow me to help you to achieve HAPPINESS

and SUCCESS in your life..