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Who doesn’t have that people in there family who are famous for having negative approach for everything and to deal with negative family members is sometime very difficult.

Whether it’s you and your work they always will be complaining about it . And one of the most difficult thing is to deal with these kind of family members as some of them are always nearby . 

So now the question is what can we do with them ?? Don’t worry, Here I will tell you 10 ways to deal with negative family member after reading this you will have an approach to deal with there people.

 So first i am going to give you list of 10 ways to deal with negative family members them we will discuss these in detail:-

  1. Stay relax from inside.
  2. Best way is to ignore.
  3. Just smile within yourself when listening to them.
  4. Affirm that its not about you.
  5. Try staying away from negative people.
  6. Believe in yourself and in your decisions.
  7. Try to change the topic.
  8. If possible try to help them in changing there thoughts.
  9.  Honestly tell them what you think.
  10. Find a third person who could understand both of you.

Here in detail you will know 10 ways to deal with negative family members:-

10 ways to deal with negative family members

1. Stay relax from inside

If you are relax from inside then you will be not bother what others are says about you. You will have enough confidence in you and in your work.

With this the other person will also be able to feel what you are feeling , may be you will be able to convince the person opposite to you about you thought and mindset.

If you are relax then you will be able to make others also relaxed. One of the most important benefit of staying relax from inside is “You don’t get into argument with others” because you know from inside that you are right and you don’t need to tell or explain this to others.

Here are some techniques that you can follow to stay relax:-

  • Exercising regularly
  • Performing meditation.
  • Taking advice from the expert of the field.
  • Reading book which will keep you relaxed.

2. Another way is to ignore

This one could be the best way to keep yourself away from the negative people and there negativity .

As you start ignoring them they will automatically understand that you don’t want to listen to them with this they will feel like getting ignored and finally they will automatically stop saying you negative stuffs or will stop talking to you.

The only problem with this step is if the people are close to you or they are your family members then you won’t be able to ignore them. 

Then what to do??

If you love them that means they also loves you , Try to make them understand what is your thought process and make them understand that your thought process does match to there thought process to some extent.

If they are able to understand then its good but if not then there is an option which is called ignore.

3. Just smile within yourself when listening to them

If you are smiling within yourself that means you are able to keep yourself charm and smiling help you to stay charm from inside (as i have mentioned above that it is very important to stay relax from inside).  

Smiling within inside will help you to not change your thought process because with this you will not be effected by the negative thoughts which are going around you.

The smile will keep your positive thought process alive and you may also be able to change the thought process of the negative people who are around you.

Smiling from inside doesn’t only keep the negativity away but it also gives you many other benefits like below mentioned:-

  • Keep you healthy.
  • Improves your relationship.
  • Keeps you energetic.
  • Maintains the positivity.
  • People starts liking you.

4. Affirm that its not about you

You can also affirm to yourself that the thing which people are saying are not about you. As this affirm will help you to keep your moral high and will not let you down. this will also help you to keep away the negative though from yourself.

But this should be done regularly if the people are living very close to you, there negativity can attack you any time.

Affirmation also gives you confidence to believe in yourself and have faith in your ideas and your thoughts. It is very important to affirm positive words to yourself daily because it will help you to achieve the things you want to.

Honestly speaking i didn’t believe in affirmation before i read this book and i started to apply affirmation daily . You won’t believe that it help me lot to achieve my goals.

I did affirmation like “I have to wake up at 5 a.m in the morning” and you won’t believe, It worked i affirm this daily before going to sleep and guess what i waked up at exact 5:30 in the morning without an alarm. So here i would recommend you THIS BOOK which is available on amazon and i promise this will change you life.

But while you are affirming, that time you have to believe that it works then only it will work otherwise it won’t.

5. Try staying away from negative people

Stay away from the people who are spreading negativity in the word. Because of negativity human being are afraid of making decisions in life .

You are not able to do the work which you love or you are passionate about because you have fear of getting fail.

Human brain has been programmed to see failure as end of the world but in reality it the best way to learn and get experience which helps in our whole life.

As this is because of the negative people near us who are one of the big cause that we are afraid of failures. So try staying away from the people who are spreading negativity in you life even if they are within in your family.Take control of your life and make your own decisions.

If you want to overcome you basic fear here is an article which will help you.

6. Believe in yourself and in your decisions

If you believe in yourself then you will be able to achieve everything that you want to achieve in your life. You believe will automatically boost your decision making power.

If you believe in yourself then you will be able to realize you full potential because life is the game of believe and self confidence.

You success will depend on how much you believe in yourself and how much you have self confidence in yourself. Because it is next to impossible to take big decision in life if you don’t have self confidence and believe in yourself.

“So believe in yourself because if you believe yourself then others will also believe you and you would able to deal with negative family members“.

It is very important to know the why self confidence is important for every person and this article will help you to know it.

7. Try to change the topic 

If you feel that the talk with family members are going towards negativity then try to change the topic. This will keep you are other away from negative thought .

Try to lighten up the atmosphere by your positivity, this will change the negative topic to some positive topic and this is one of the best way to tackle the negative family member and with there negative vibes.

Changing the topic will help you to keep yourself away from negative thoughts because if you come in the vibe of negativity frequently then there is chances that your mind set could also can get hurt.

So try to change the negative topic as it will be beneficial for you.

8. If possible try to help them in changing there thoughts

If you want then you can try to change there thoughts because there changed thoughts will somehow benefit you only. As don’t have to deal with negative thoughts on daily basis.

Try to make them understand that there is life full of joy and happiness , there negative thoughts are ruining there life and there health also. Tell them the disadvantages of negative thought and help them to reset there mindset for positive thinking.

You will also feel good if you will do this good work as you will be able to change the thought  of negative people towards positivity and with this you are helping the society in development and you are also saving people from ruining there life in the vibes of negativity.

And this will benefits you also because if you are able change there thought process then you will no more have to live with negative people with this you will be able to solve your own problem of how to deal with negative family members.

This would be difficult to do but it not impossible.

9. Honestly tell them what you think

You should tell honestly to your family members that what you think about there  thought process and tell them that there thought process does not matches with yours.

Tell the truth honestly on there face , We know that they will feel bad but with this they will think about you and your thought process and may be they will convince themselves that you are right.

Your honesty will also relax your own mind and heart because you had said the truth you want to say.

“And imagine wouldn’t it be better to be honest rather than covering yourself with the clothes of lie.”

10. Find a third person who can understand both of you

This person could be from your family or could be your friends . The person who can understand both of you and can help both of you to understand each other.

The third person should be of that quality who can understand point of view of both you and your family members.

As this person can then make both of you understand and can help you to get rid of you different thought process.

The person will also help you understand each other and can make you respect each other thought process. 

Because at the last respect for each other is very important.

Do tell me in comment box what i can do for you??

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