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In today’s world it is very important to set a goal and after setting the goal it is important to Achieve that goal.

People are able to set the goals but they fail to achieve it because people are not able to take action regarding to there goals.

You will only be able to achieve success if you are able to reach the goals that you have set. It will be difficult for you to reach but it is not impossible and to achieve your goals many thing or factors help you in your way so that you are able to fulfill your goals.

 So you must be curious to know what are those factors??

 Then don’t worry here i am going to give a list of 10 things which will help you to achieve your goals and will help you to bring success in your life and after that we will look forward to it in detail:-

  1. A good teacher.
  2. Bad experience.
  3. A good partner.
  4. Books.
  5. Your willingness to learn.
  6. Your persistence.
  7. A burning desire.
  8. Belief in yourself.
  9. High performance team.
  10. Never quitting attitude.

So here in detail are the 10 things which will help you achieve your goals:-


1. A good teacher

A good teacher will definitely help you to achieve the your goals as he will guide you on every step while you are on the way to achieve your goals.

He will share his knowledge and experience with you so that your mind can be guided to the right way and it could be less difficult for you to reach your goals.

The benefits of having a good teacher is, it makes your success path somehow easy because if you are stuck somewhere he will be able to guide you to get out of it.

With the experience of a good teacher you won’t have to figure out everything by yourself, And figuring out a problem by yourself will make the path tougher than it is in actual.

And you success will be time consuming as compare if you have a good teacher.

2. Bad experience

A person bad experience is the best teacher he could ever had. Its the bad experience of a person who can make him or break him.

Its on you whether you get broke from bad experience or you take it as a lesson and learn from the mistakes that you made so that you don’t repeat them again.

As many people like warren buffet, steve jobs, jack ma says that if you didn’t had any bad experiences in life then you won’t be able to reach success. Because its the failure or bad experience which makes a person strong ,if he is able to figures out how he can control his emotions from that bad experiences.

All the people who had achieve extreme success in life has always had not only one but many bad experience in there life, so it is some how important to have bad experience in life because it makes you strong.

And as it is rightly said “Success comes from experience and experience comes from bad experiences.

3. A good partner

A partner can make your way to the success or can make your life miserable. Yes this is correct because a good partner will always be with you and will boost your moral when you are down and out, which is very important in the way to success but a bad partner will criticize you on your decisions.

A good partner will always support you when no one else is with you and with this you will get enough confidence of achieving everything that you want to achieve.

With a good partner i mean it could a good wife/husband, a good business partner, a good friends circle which are always close to you because you will always be affect with there behavior, If they are supportive than you will achieve your goals but if they are not it would be difficult to achieve your goal but not impossible

So then you will have to keep yourself self motivated or you have to change your partner or surroundings.

As it is very important to choose a good partner to achieve your goals.

4. Books

People says “books are you best friends” but in my opinion ” The content inside the books are our best friends” because if you buy a book and you don’t finish it then there is no benefit of keeping that book which is only filling your bookshelf.

Reading book will inspire you and will build up your imagination.

And when you read the success stories of other people and there achievements, it boosts up your confidence that you can also do it. So it is very important for you to reads the books because it is one of the most important step towards achieve your goals.

Here are some of the most important benefits of reading books:-

  • Self-motivation.
  • Developing yourself.
  • Getting inspiration.
  • Developing your imagination.
  • Gaining knowledge.
  • Achieving your goals.

So here i will like to recommend you an article which i have written, In which i have given summary of 4 books which in my opinion are the best book which you must read once in life as this will definitely change your perception towards life.

5. Your willingness to learn

If you enjoy to learn then there is nothing that can stop you from achieving your goals. You willing to learn new things will help you mind to open up and will give you new ways to achieve your goals.

With this you won’t get stuck in middle of your path for achieving goals this will open up your mind and will give you exposure to new things and will show you the path to your success.

Your willingness to learn will increase your curiosity and because of your increase in curiosity you will work on new ideas and this will help to bring the innovation in your way of doing a work or in your business.

If you want to know why curiosity is important to bring innovation in business then do read this article, It will help you to bring innovation in your business.

You could learn from a teacher , from you colleagues , from reading books etc but the only think which is important is your willingness to learn.

6. Your persistence

To achieve a goal one of the most important factor is persistence . If you have a never ending persistence inside you for your goal then no one would ever dare to stop you from achieving you goals.

It is your persistence which never lets you quit on you goal if you have it then you will definitely achieve your goals. Your persistence will make you stubborn for you goals. 

You must have persistence for your final goal but on the other hand you must be flexible for the path from which you have to go through.

How you can develop persistence??

  • Dream big :-

 The dream should be so big that it can take you out of your comfort zone. Then you must have faith in you dream then only your persistence will develop because persistence will help you to not quit and will take you to your dream.

  • Faith in plan:-

If you have faith in you plan for you goals then you will try your best and everything possible to achieve it and if you are trying and trying then it automatically means that your persistence has been developed.

  • Don’t afraid of failure:-

To develop persistence you must not be afraid of failure because if you are afraid of failure then you will quit and quit won’t make you to achieve your goals nor it will develop persistence.

7. A burning desire

Your burning desire will help you to reach places you never had imagine but the most important think is to take action for the burning desire you are having.

It is the first step in achieve a goal.Henry ford the founder of ford motors had a burning desire of making a car but he didn’t only had burning desire but he also took action to fulfill that desire that’s why he was able to achieve his final goal.

Without a burning desire it would be very difficult for you to be persistence for your goals and if you are not persistence for you goals then most probably it would be difficult for you to achieve your goals and you will quit in the middle.

It is some how very important for a person to have burning desire.

In my personal opinion this book told me the real meaning of burning desire. I will recommend you this book so that you also can have a clear idea about the importance of burning desire for achieving a goal.

To know which book it is and if you want to get this book then you can get it from THIS LINK as its an affiliate link , it won’t change the price but it will also help me to earn some money through affiliate commission and I am being transparent to you.

8.Belief in yourself

No matter what happens you should believe yourself and your gut feelings. Because life is the game of believe and self confidence if you have both then it will be less difficult for you to achieve your goals.

If you believe yourself then you won’t be afraid of failures and its the afraid of failure which stops a person from achieving his final goals. Believe will also give you the faith to stick to your plan and to be persistent for your goals.

Your believe will also makes others to believe in your idea and your plans and with this others will also starts to help you in your ideas and ultimately they will help you to achieve your goals.

If you want to increase your self confidence and you want to believe in yourself then this article is perfect for you as this will help you develop your self confidence.

The person who is holding you from reaching your goals is no else, Its you only“.

9. High performance team

A high performance team will always help you to achieve you goals.

As if you have some big goals and you are thinking about doing it on your own then it will be next to impossible to achieve that goal because for a big win you must have a good team who can co ordinate with you and will help you in the path of the achievement.

A good team could lead you to your goals but a bad team can screw you up that’s why it is very important to build a high performance team who see’s you goals as there own and will give there 100% to achieve that goals.

Here is article by Forbes on building “high performance team”.

10. Never quitting attitude


As i have mentioned about it is very important that you should not quit on your goals. The peoples in today’s world are building big goals but they quit in the middle of the path in achieving there goals.

So it is very important that you should be having a never give up or never quitting attitude. Because this will make you to keep trying and trying whether you fail or you succeed you will keep trying on until you achieve your final goals.

This will also help you in building persistence in you with a burning desire in you and i have told you above that how much it is important to have a burning desire and persistence to achieve any goal in your life.

So if you what to achieve your goals then “NEVER GIVE UP“.

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